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Core Keeper Hive Mother boss guide

Here is a guide on how to beat the Hive Mother in Core Keeper.

Updated: Apr 11, 2022 1:34 pm
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The Hive mother is the third boss in Core Keeper and the final boss of the game’s first act. For those wanting tips on facing off against the boss, then let this Core Keeper Hive Mother boss guide serve you well.

Core Keeper Hive Mother location

The first thing you want to know about the Hive Mother is that she is quite hard to find. The Hive Mother is found in one of the Hive sub biomes, typically located in the Clay Caverns. Note, the sub biome has stronger hive walls, which require onwards of 30ish hits from an Iron Pickaxe to break. So, getting through the walls can be quite tough. To save time, we highly recommend crafting a Hive Mother Scanner from the Glurch statue at The Core to make it easier to spot this boss’ location on your save’s map.

Once you know the Hive Mother location, you can then dig for the area and break-in. Just be aware that the Hive Mother’s lair is filled with water, larvae spawners, orange themed larvae that are tougher and stronger, and more. We recommend clearing out the cave the best you can, plus you can get extra loot front eh hive chests found within the area.

How to beat the Hive Mother in Core Keeper

Here is a quick summary of things you’ll need to beat the boss.

  • Carapace Armor or Iron Armor
  • Bombs
  • Traps and Walls
  • Something to dig with
  • HP Potions
  • Ranged weapon

So, onwards to the actual tactics for the boss. She spurts floor acid, just like the Exploding Larvae you have already come across. So, keep a shovel on you to dig that stuff up if you find yourself trapped. 

Core Keeper Hive Mother
The white circles indicate the mob spawners from the boss.

Secondly, the boss also has mob spawners, marked with dark holes on the floor. We recommend building walls around those to trap the mobs or deploying spike traps. We recommend the spike trap method since the big larvae like to eat through walls. You can always reinforce the surrounding area with Hive Walls if you want, as they are extremely durable walls, but requires plenty of time spent mining through the wall switch explosives and an iron pick. Note you can also acquire the hive traps from the wider hive sub biome that the hive mother is located in, saving you from having to build traps yourself.

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Make sure to prepare the area before battle, as the boss is asleep until you make the first move against it. When you’re ready to engage the boss, we recommend deploying as many bombs around the target as possible (just don’t destroy the walls you built around the spawners). This allows you to do plenty of damage, especially if you are wearing the armor you get from the Ghorm statue, as that grans bonus explosive damage.

When the boss starts fighting back, she will then shoot the floor acid at you. Keep kiting around the room the best you can. While kiting we recommend using a ranged weapon of some sort. You can probably get the gun from the Caveling vendor if you made room for it after beating Ghorm. Alternatively, you may have found one from a box on your mining adventures. Note, if you stand next to two walls, the space you stand on does not get covered in floor acid, meaning there are fewer hazards. (This worked in the build we killed the boss on.)

While kiting, keep an eye on if the mobs have managed to escape, and continue to scoop up any floor acid along the way. If you take damage, make sure to heal using HP potions or food.

Other than that, there is nothing special about the Core Keeper Hive Mother boss fight. If this guide worked for you, why not check out our Core Keeper hub for more content?

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