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WolfEye Studios reveal Weird West road map; zombie plague first up

Wolfeye Studios showcase a loose roadmap for Weird West

Updated: Apr 12, 2022 5:39 pm
WolfEye Studios reveal Weird West road map; zombie plague first up

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WolfEye Studios has unveiled the Weird West road map, featuring a variety of upcoming content for the game. The Weird West road map’s first point of call is ‘The Plague’, which is a community event that brings a ravaging horde of the undead to the world that your characters are going to have to deal with.

Weird West Post Launch Roadmap
Image via Wolfeye Studios

Weird West roadmap

In total, there are five different free plans for the Weird West player base currency confirmed. The features include ‘The Plague’, which is a zombie takeover, giving us those undead Nightmare vibes we haven’t seen since 2010. At the moment, this is the only reveal we have had in terms of the Weird West road map, at least in terms of trailer footage anyway.

The other aspect of the Weird West road map is a content pack, along with a Nimposiisble mode, then a Caged One’s event, mods and more. It is important to note we do not actually know what this content contains, but we can speculate what that may be. 

The Nimpossible mode could potentially be a horde mode or a survival mode featuring the mysterious Nimps, which we have only been collecting preserved heads as of the launch. On the other hand, the Caged Ones could potentially relate to the Werewolfs, or perhaps a prisoner related in-game event. The mod one seems fairly obvious, with the developers adding official modding support to the game, but, we still need confirmation.

As it stands, there a currently no dates on when any of this content goes live. At the time of writing, the developers have only just pushed out patch 1.0.1, with even more content planned content in 1.0.2 on the way. Not to mention the developers are still looking at community features and deciding what to add in future content updates, where you can read up on the user suggestions page.

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