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Weird West Secret Stash guide: Stillwater and treasure maps missions

Here is are the tips you need to handle Weird West Secret Stash missions.

Updated: Apr 11, 2022 11:35 am
Weird West Secret Stash guide: Stillwater and treasure maps missions

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Weird West has quite a lot of secondary stuff to do, most of which comes from your actions. One of these is the Secret Stash quest, which players can get if they choose to have mercy on Mr Stillwater, the now disposed leader of the Stillwater gang. If you opt to rescue him, you get a friend for life and a Weird West Secret Stash side quest. However, this is not the only Secret Stash questline. Here is a guide on the Secret Stash quests in Weird West.

Mr. Stillwater’s Secret Stash Walkthrough

Weird West Secret Stash
Cowboys and their valuables…

You get the item from Mr Stillwater, and then see the location of the buried treasure on the map. While the game labels it as a side quest, it technically is just a treasure map type of quest. Head over to the Secret Stash marked on your map that is also highlighted blue on your map. Note, this is the one in the mountains.

Once you have the free time to explore the map, you can then head to the Secret Stash location. Note that the name Secret Stash appears in all the treasure maps missions in the game. In this instance, it is the one in the mountain.

According to the sheet and the side mission’s objectives, you need to visit the grave of a civilian called Wayne. Upon arriving at the location, you should find two coyotes near the grave, and two outlaws on the left side of the map. Dispatch these different parties, and you should be free to dig the graves up. Find the one called Wayne Seager, and on the graveyard to the right of the zone as you load in, and you should get a Golden Ace of Spade when you dig up the corpse. 

Feel free to loot the other bodies, as you may find other useful items, presuming you have a spare shovel, though, there should one spare towards the graveyard on the left side of the map when you walk in.

When you dig up the right corpse, you’ll notice the quest doesn’t tell you to go back to hand it in. It stays in your adventure log until your time with the Bounty Hunter comes to an end. So, we recommend hiding the objective once you do visit the grave of Mr Wayne Seagar and retrieve the treasure.

Other Secret Stash Quests in Weird West

As you play through the game, you may stumble upon NPCs you can relieve of their treasure maps. This can range to important characters, items you steal or outlaws who hid their valuables somewhere in the deserts or forests. When you get one, you can learn the whereabouts of their treasure by a new Secret Stash icon. Go to the new secret stash location and follow the instructions to retrieve the valuables.

When you’re done, remember to untick the objective of the treasure map’s secret stash so you can free up the tracking for other active quests. Please be aware that if you change character by completing a bounty act, then you lose the quest to complete the treasure hunt missions. So, complete the mission before completing hat act’s version of the main story.

That concludes this Weird West Secret Stash guide. For more content on the game, why not check out the WW hub on WePC?

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