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Weird West Trophy and Achievements Guide

We guide you through Weird West Trophy and achievements, offering tips for the trophies and achievements in the game.

Updated: Apr 11, 2022 11:35 am
Weird West Trophy and Achievements Guide

Weird West is filled with plenty of easy and hard to get achievements throughout the game. In total, there are 53 achievements in the game, most of which come from simply playing the main story, or completing side missions. However, some of the achievements are a bit more tricky. Below are the tips that will guide you through completing the Weird West trophies and achievements.

Please note, we do not have tips for all the achievements in the game just yet as we have yet to figure them out ourselves. If you have any suggestions feel free to comment below.

Weird West Trophy and Achievement guide

Weird West Trophy nameDescriptionTip for completing it
Chain ReactionCatch two or more enemies in chain lightning.Use Lightning in a bottle on multiple enemies and take the lightning round upgrades for your revolver.
Dead or AliveTurn in your first bounty from the boardAccept a bounty hunter mission from a board in any neutral or friendly human settlement, complete it and return to the sheriff of said settlement you got it from.
Dirt and BlameBecome a WendigoYou can get this during the Wendigo encounter on the Protector journey.
DishonouredKnock someone out by dropping on them from above.Climb on top of a building and jump onto a character below – like Mario.
Do Not Pass GoServe time in JailGet caught committing a crime, such as stealing or murder and then go to jail and accept the time rather than choosing the fine.
Dog DaysComplete the Warewolf StorylineComplete chapter 4 of the main story line.
Elusive PreyCollect a bounty for turning in either Leila, Shelby Cross or Galen Weeks.We recommend getting Shelby Cross, the leader of the Stillwater gang. This bounty hunter mission becomes available in chapter 2 and offers you around $250 dollars for completing it. 
Eternity Can WaitsSpare Essex Mast at the end of the Onerist chapterYou can save this NPC at the end of chapter 5, so do you best not to kill him as the game plays through.
ExplorerLocate the Temple of the AncientsLook for a stone room on the ground, typically in oasis territories and get the required key to access them.
Fallen StarRetrieve the fallen Sheriff’s star from the ruins of Boulder Creek Mine.Locate the body and check graves in the map to find the Sheriff’s star.
For BalanceComplet the Protector’s JourneyFinish chapter 3 of the story.
Full HouseRecruit a full posseRecruit two other companions to accompany your character.
Getting the gang back togetherBring all the Journey Heroes back to the Broken Steppe Temple alive.Avoid getting the playable characters killed throughout the game. We recommend not recruiting them into your poss until that mission is done and they are all present.
Ghost TownTurn a settlement into a ghost town.Slay everyone in a town, whether that be a bandit held town or a regular settlement.
Gold DiggerDig up 10 mound cachesFind lumps of dirt on the ground in dirt-filled maps and dig them up using them a shovel.
Healing Old WoundsReturn Glenn Mills Rifle to MaryannHer rifle is hung on the wall in Mayor Week’s mansion on the second-floor bedroom of the hacienda.
Here Comes Santa ClausBreak into a building using a chimney.Find a building with a wide chimney and descend it using a rope.
Hog WildBeat Pigman Joe at a poker game.After completing Chapter 2 you can find Pigman Joe in the world and play poker with him.
I Kicked a Bird and I Liked It.Kick a Flying VultureLay a corpse near something you can perch on and kick a vulture that comes down from the sky. It may take a few tries before it lines up well. 
It All DiesEnd the WorldEnd story decision.
Justice ServedComplete the Bounty Hunter story.Complete the first main story mission.
Knuckle SandwichBeat the Heathen at her Slap Game.Occasionally run into the Heathen in the world and she can offer you to play Slap Game. You need to collect the Amulet of Open Palm from the Somnolence, which you can get easily by playing the Onerist (her starting zone) or by visiting it on any other character. You then need to get the Heathen event that offers you the slap game encounter.
Let’s RideRecruit your first followerFind someone to bring into your posse.
Lord Inut Sends His RegardsRoast a live chickenThrow a wildfire grenade to ignite an oilpatch that a live chicken is standing on.
Loyalty to the PackRescue the Missing WarewolfAreas around the Halls of the First Fruits may have hints to more about the werewolf kind.
Ma BarkerSteal $10,000 in a single playthrough.We recommend getting the lockpick, higher jump and sneaking movement speed increase Golden Ace of Spades passives and make a thief save.
Monster HunterCollect a bounty on a pigman or RavenousComplete a bounty hunter mission in chapter 2.
Moon HunterTurn a Bounty Hunter into a Werewolf.Make a Bountyhunter join the cult of the Warewolf, especially in Chapter 4. Kill a wolf at night with a silver weapon and have a Wolfsbane kit on you. You can then use itto turn a bounty hunter character into a werewolf.
MoondrunkKill three enemies in five seconds as a werewolf.Easily doable against clumped up enemies during chapter 4.
Mystery MachineSave both innocents in The Strangeness,Try to save the innocents during this mission. Feel free to quick save and quick load to make sure you get it right.
Off the TrailComplete 10 side questsComplete at least ten side missions through a playthrough.
Out on the Ebb TideDefeat Shelby Cross during the Bounty Hunter main story.He hides inside the Copper mountain Quarry in the final mission of act 1, where you can open a secret door by pulling three levers. One is in the sirens bit with the water on a stone ledge, another to the right of the gate and the final one near the cave on the left-hand side of the door where you rescue your husband.
PerkyUse an Ace of Spades to gain a perk for the first time.Find a Golden Ace of Spades and spend it in your passive section your character.
Power Behind the PulpitRead Sybil’s JournalYou need to sneak around the area, Knock out Sybil and her allies using stealth if you can to avoid the crimes. Don’t kill her since other NPCs seem to magically know she dies.
Rain of DeathTurn one of your arrows into an elemental arrowBuy the skill for the arrow that turns your arrows into a different elemental
RevenantStart a fight with a bear while drunk and win.Encounter a bear fight in the open world. Consume all alcohol in your inventory and beat it.
ScholarRead 50 books.You can find books in bookshelves, on desks, in saloons and bedrooms, in schools and in churches.
Self-ImprovementsUse a Nimp RelicFind Nimp Relics in boxes, shelves and other locations on main and side mission locations. You can then spend them on skills of your choice for every character.
Something Wicked This Way ComesComplete the Onerist JourneyComplete Chapter 5 of the main story.
That’s All FolksComplete the Pigman journeyComplete Chapter 2
The Great EscapeGet your spouse out of the quarry without ever alerting Shelby CrossYou need to finish the mission entirely using stealth and without alerting any of the Stillwater or Siren NPCs in the area. Use quick save and quick loads a lot.
The Philosopher’s StoneAid Essex Mast on his questPretty much follow the main story for his quest to find IM-MORT-ALITY.
There is HopeSave the WorldPretty much get the good ending to the game.
This is SpartaKick someone off of a rooftop or cliff.We recommend doing this on the Bounty Hunter and getting the skill that empowers her kick, as it makes it easier to launch people off roofs or ledges.
Through Their EyesRecruit a previous journey hero to your posse.You can get really early by visiting the bell farm with the pigman as soon as you complete the Pigman Joe quest.
Turning the TablesTurn Ruth into a PigwomenDuring the Pigman storyline you find out how and why there are Pigmen and women. You can then turn Ruth into a Pigwomen before you complete the story.
UnforgivenDig up your Bounty hunter cache and suit upRight at the start of the game.
Welcome to the Weird WestKill your first monstrous enemyKill any creature considered a monster, such as a siren, cave creature, crawler, pigman, werewolf, etc.
What’s in the Box?Return the Heathen’s box unopened.Return the box Heathen the witch gives you unopened. It is a random occurrence that can happen while on the world map. You need to keep it on you and unopened while trying to get this Weird West trophy.
Who You Gonna Call?Complete a quest given to you by a ghost.You can get this in the Protector mainstrlyline after you perfrom teh spirit world. Find a ghost that ives you a side quest and complete it.
Winds of WarTurn a Tornado into an elemental Tornado.Can be done by launching an elemental arrow using the bow skill into a tornado, ideal during the Protector playthrough.
Winter Has ComeCollect all 3 of Pigman Joe’s Tour de Weird West snow globes.Get them during Journey 3,4 and 5. Hand them all in at once on the fifth character and try not to sell them to get the achievement. Also, make sure the pigmen can stay sentient as the snow globes become irrelevant to Joe.
Worker’s RightsKill Maximo and free the Lanter room’s workersGo to Quigley’s Lanter’s Room and kill the new boss, Maximo, freeing the brothel. You can do this during the Under New Management quest.

This concludes this Weird West Trophy and Achievement Guide. We will update the article for the few we have missing when we can. For more content, why not check out our Weird West hub?

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