E3 2019 Schedule: All The Live Streams, Press Conferences & Showcases

E3 2019 Schedule

With but a handful of days separating us from the start of E3 2019, the usual flurry of announcements and trailers is on the cusp of kicking off in earnest. This year’s edition is primed to deliver with the heavy-hitting publishers and developers commandeering their very own live stream events to unmask their latest wares.

One notable absentee, however, is Sony, who’s opted to forego the expo, presumably with no meaty announcements to make an appearance worthwhile.

With so much going on in pre-conference press briefings from June 8th-11th, keeping track is no small feat. To aid in digesting everything E3 has to offer, here’s a useful chronological guide to all the scheduled live-streams, conferences, and showcases.

E3 2019 – Saturday, June 8th

EA Play

EA Play E3 2019

9:15 am PT/17:15 pm BST

EA is taking a different approach this time around and sidelining its habitual ostentatious live press conference in favor of a series of bite-sized streams dedicated to specific games dubbed EA Play. EA has promised ”more gameplay and insights from the teams making the games”, but how this translates into a live stream remains unclear.

The full slate of streams will air on Saturday, June 8th, with a Countdown to EA PLAY stream opening the festivities. You can catch all the action over on EA’s YouTube or Twitch channels.

Here’s the full schedule:

  • 9:15 am PT/5:15 pm BST: Countdown to EA PLAY
  • 9:30 am PT/5:30 pm BST: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
  • 10:00 am PT/6:00 pm BST: Apex Legends
  • 10:30 am PT/6:30 pm BST: Battlefield V
  • 11:00 am PT/7:00 pm BST: FIFA 20
  • 11:30 am PT/7:30 pm BST: Madden NFL 20
  • 12:00 pm PT/8:00 pm BST: The Sims 4

The offering is, to put it lightly, lackluster, and it makes us think EA may have something up its sleeve. E3 is, after all, the traditional platform for quirky surprises. Don’t expect anything about Anthem, that one has undoubtedly been quietly swept under the carpet.

E3 2019 – Sunday, June 9th

Upload Presents: The E3VR Showcase

E3VR Showcase E3 2019

9:00 am PT/5:00 pm BST

For the first time, VR is getting its very own showcase on June 9th at 9:00 am PT/5:00 pm BST. As it’s brand new, all we know is that it’s pre-recorded and features “a bunch of new game reveals, trailers and more,” according to organizer UploadVR.

Tune in over on UploadVR’s YouTube channel.

Microsoft Xbox E3 2019 Briefing

Microsoft Xbox E3 2019 Briefing

1:00 pm PT/9:00 pm BST

Next, we jump to Sunday afternoon. Microsoft starts proceedings with a live-streamed Xbox E3 2019 Briefing at 1:00 pm PT/9:00 pm BST.

Based on last year’s colossal studio grab, Microsoft is primed to make the most of Sony’s absence and make quite a splash. New snippets about Microsoft’s secretive Xbox Scarlett next-gen console are almost guaranteed alongside the usual tech/service-related coverage (Azure, Project X Cloud, Xbox Game Pass) and, of course, games.

Microsoft has confirmed it is showcasing fourteen first-party Xbox Game Studios titles. Halo: Infinite is a good bet and is likely to act as a centerpiece. Rumors suggest Age of Empires 4, Fable 4, Gears 5, The Outer Worlds, and a handful of new IPs are to pop up as well.

As always with Microsoft events, you can tune in via the Xbox Mixer channel.


bethesda e3 2019

5:30 pm PT/1:30 am BST

Bethesda follows suit with a press conference at 5:30 pm PT/1:30 am BST. Todd Howard confirmed at Pax East 2019 that the hotly anticipated space-faring RPG Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI wouldn’t feature on the E3 roll call.

We can, however, expect some form of Elder Scrolls coverage (possibly Elder Scrolls Online and Elder Scrolls Blades) going by the unmistakable dragon on the widely circulated poster for the event.

Doom Eternal is all but inevitable. Wolfenstein: Youngblood too alongside a bunch of new Switch ports and maybe a mobile game or two. The Evil Within 3 isn’t out of the question either. Otherwise, your guess is as good as ours, but the likelihood is a somewhat subdued roster from Bethesda this year.

Bethesda is broadcasting the conference from its YouTube and Twitch channels.

Devolver Digital Big Fancy Press Conference 2019

Devolver Digital E3 2019

7:00 pm PT/3:00 am BST

Devolver Digital rounds off Sunday’s jamboree with a with Big Fancy Press Conference, as the publisher calls it, scheduled to start at 7:00 pm PT/3:00 am BST. As one of the leading purveyors of oddball yet utterly charming indie gems, the briefing is going to be packed with delightful titles. Devolver has mentioned four brand new game reveals.

Devolver Digital is streaming the whole thing over on its Twitch channel.

E3 2019 – Monday, June 10th

The PC Gaming Show

The PC Gaming Show E3 2019

10:00 am PT/6:00 pm BST

The PC Gaming Show dedicated to, you guessed it, PC games at E3 returns for another year. The organizers have confirmed the attendance of 17 different publishers and developers with the likes of Chucklefish, Epic Games, and Paradox Interactive joining the party. The reveals and announcements won’t be the biggest games out there, but there are always some great surprises.

Catch the stream over on the PC Gamer Twitch channel.

Ubisoft Showcase

Ubisoft Showcase E3 2019

1:00 pm PT/9:00 pm BST

With Sunday done and dusted, we head into Monday with Ubisoft’s showcase at 1:00 pm PT/9:00 pm BST. After leaking earlier this week via an over-eager listing on Amazon UK, Watch Dogs Legion has been confirmed by Ubisoft and is sure to take center stage.

We also expect the usual Beyond Good & Evil 2 coverage, possibly some insight into the next Viking-themed Assassin’s Creed title (although we know Ubisoft is taking a year out and it won’t release until 2020), and updates for existing games like Ghost Recon Breakpoint, The Division 2, and For Honor.

Ubisoft’s Twitch channel is the best place to watch.

Square Enix Special Broadcast

Square Enix Special Broadcast E3 2019 1

6:00 pm PT/2:00 am BST.

The Square Enix briefing follows with a scheduled air time of 6:00 pm PT/2:00 am BST. As only the second time the Japanese publisher has manned a press conference dedicated solely to its games, we aren’t sure what to expect. Last year was a shambles at best so here’s to an improvement this time around and, fingers crossed, some news about the Final Fantasy VII remake. Square Enix is selling it as “an exciting line-up of titles.”

If you’re curious, the Square Enix website is streaming the event.

E3 2019 – Tuesday, June 11th

Nintendo Direct

Nintendo Direct E3 2019

9:00 pm PT/2:00 am BST

Nintendo bookends the big conference run by reprising its regular slot with a Nintendo Direct live stream starting at 9:00 pm PT/2:00 am BST on Tuesday, June 10th. We expect “a sneak peek at upcoming games for the Nintendo Switch system” going by the announcement blurb. As for exact titles, there are no firm rumors, but Mario is sure to make an appearance in some shape or form, that much is assured.

Nintendo has created a dedicated E3 portal to watch the stream and catch up on all the latest news.

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