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What is Luau in Stardew Valley?

Here's everything you need to know about Luau in Stardew Valley.

Updated: Apr 7, 2022 2:15 pm

Every year on the 11th of every Summer, the Luau Festival is held in Stardew Valley. The player enters The Beach between 9 AM and 2 PM to attend the Luau. Before 9 AM, the beach is closed. At 10 PM, the player will be returned to The Farm once the Luau has ended.

Every home and store in Stardew Valley is “locked” and cannot be entered on the day of the Festival.

The community potluck soup, created with ingredients donated by the people, is a highlight of the Luau. The player can add an ingredient to the soup, which the Governor will then taste and assess. To begin the soup tasting, speak with Mayor Lewis and select “yeah, let’s begin” from the conversation option.

The things the player has adds to the soup, if any, determine the Governor’s reaction to the flavor. Depending on the ingredient added to the soup, most villagers’ friendship points will increase, decrease, or remain the same. The friendships of Sandy, the Wizard, Krobus, the player’s Children, and the Dwarf remain unharmed.

What is the community potluck at Luau Festival?

Only edible, uncooked things are allowed in the potluck soup (while Life Elixir and Oil of Garlic are produced and not cooked, the game deems them “cooked” products, thus they aren’t eligible). Magic Rock Candy and Pina Colada are also deemed “baked” goods and are therefore ineligible. Field Snack and Bug Steak, on the other hand, are OK). Note that the game does not warn the player that the “potluck” is a soup or that cooked or inedible goods are not acceptable before the event.

Mayor Lewis says before the soup tasting, “I’m certain that you’ve all used high-quality ingredients this year. We don’t want the governor to have second thoughts about coming to the valley!” The player cannot replace the ingredient that has already been introduced to the soup at this stage.

The Governor’s response is determined by three factors: item quality, base sell price, and edibility (healing effect). In the game’s calculations, professional bonuses that enhance the selling price of products (such as Rancher, Angler, and so on) are ignored.

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