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UPDATED: Mario Strikers: Battle League DLC Release Date & Release Time

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Updated: Jul 24, 2022 1:31 pm
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July 22nd Release Time Update: the first free Mario Strikers DLC update is now live.

Mario Strikers Battle League is officially getting DLC content! But when is the Mario Strikers: Battle League DLC release date?

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What details do we have on the DLC? How much DLC will there actually be? We take a look and find out.

Mario Strikers Battle League DLC Release Date

Mario Strikers: Battle League was released on June 10th, 2022, and was criticized at launch for not having enough playable characters. Nintendo aims to remedy this with their DLC content that will be launching starting this week, though, as has been announced by Nintendo.

The first piece of post-release content for Mario Strikers: Battle League will be released this Friday, 22nd July, and isn’t the only update coming this year.

The game will also be receiving two further updates before the end of 2022, all adding similar content to the game as this first one. But what is that content?

UPDATE: The update has now gone live! You can find all of the patch notes below.

Additional Content

  • Added “Daisy” as a playable character.
  • Added “Shy Guy” as a playable character.
  • Added the “Desert Ruin” stadium.
  • Added the “Knight” gear set.

Added Features

  • Increased how many items can be displayed in the Notifications ticker in Strikers Club.
  • When choosing “Random” on the Character Selection screen, the geared version of the Character will be selected (if one exists).


  • Reduced the probability of scoring on a weak shot from far away.
  • Reduced the probability of Stars appearing when you are losing by a 1 or 2 point difference.
  • Revised the CPU behavior and opposing team composition in Cup Battles.
  • Added visible trail to the ball when it’s not in active possession, making it easier to see.
  • Made player numbers easier to see when playing online.
  • Fixed an issue when playing as Waluigi and using a hyper strike in which the ball could hit a goal post and not go in.
  • Made several other adjustments to game balance and fixed several other issues to improve the gameplay experience.

Mario Strikers DLC Content

Mario Strikers: Battle League In Action (Mario Strikers Battle League DLC Release Date)
Mario Strikers: Battle League In Action

With the first wave of DLC, Mario Strikers: Battle League is adding two brand new characters for free along with other cosmetic bonuses for players.

Both Daisy and Shy Guy will be joining the game, with Daisy being a technique-type player and Shy Guy being an all-rounder. There’s also going to be some cosmetic content in the game as of this Friday, with a knight-themed gear set and the Desert Ruin stadium getting added to the game.

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Obviously, as of right now, we don’t know exactly what the rest of the DLC is going to include or when it’ll release, though hopefully, it’ll be sooner rather than later. Players can look forward to likely getting new characters in those DLC packs too, so get hyped to go back to the stadium and defeat your opponents.

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