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Fans grow impatient for CS2 after a month passes in the ‘release period’

Updated: Aug 1, 2023 5:08 pm
Fans grow impatient for CS2 after a month passes in the ‘release period’

Fans of Counter-Strike are excited for the second game to finally release, but it seems that day will not be coming as soon as we all had hoped. Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) was never really given a release date. Instead, they always referred to the game as “releasing this summer.” Usually, with releases like this, as the time approaches, games would get a new gameplay trailer or teaser showing the official launch date within that release period.

However, when it came to Counter-Strike, it didn’t get a new launch or gameplay trailer to share when it would be launching worldwide. The game just still has its pending “releasing this summer” tag. With August being just hours away, fans are getting antsy as they know this is the last possible month for it to release. But, at the same time, they don’t wanna rush the developers for the game either.

Counter-Strike 2 fans don’t want a buggy game

Counter-Strike 2 is getting closer to a dreaded delay. As seen with many releases lately, whenever a game seems to be taking longer than the anticipated date or the developers are still working on said game, it often gets delayed. Delays are something we keep seeing more and more of, but some fans say they’d rather experience a delay than get a buggy game.

A Redditor on this CS2 Subreddit goes on to share that “we are now 35 days into the said release period.” This then triggered a whole conversation among other fans who have been waiting for what feels like forward for this new game. One user said, “Let them work. A late release with a complete game is always welcome instead of an early release with bugz.”

Other users in the comments go on to share that they were involved in the beta of the game and shared that the FPS is floating a lot and how that could affect many other parts of the game, which is probably what Valve is working on.

It is important to note that Valve does not have a lot of time left before they need to release CS2 or announce a delay. Summer is ending soon, which means the release window of “Summer” will have passed. While many players do want a game that isn’t buggy, plenty wouldn’t be happy and feel misled if the game doesn’t release within the time period.

For now, there are no updates on what day this summer Counter-Strike 2 will release, but hopefully that Valve is just taking some extra time to make sure the game is very prepared for its release.

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