Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Release Date, Pre Order, & Price

We speculate as to what the Release date and pre order options for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

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There has been plenty of rumors surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra of late, with many speculating that the release could be sometime next year. The S22 will be a direct successor to the Galaxy S21 Ultra, a highly sought-after phone. There is still very little in terms of official information about the S22, and we think we are still months off hearing anything aside from more rumors at this stage.

We are going to be taking a look at the speculated Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra release date, some future pre order options, rumored price, and a look at what the specifications could be.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Release Date

As mentioned, there is no official information on the S22 yet. That being said, there was a rumor stating that the Galaxy S22 Ultra could enter production in November this year, meaning a January release date, just like the S21, could be on the cards.

There is no guarantee on when the launch will be but we are expecting some official announcements over the next few months, along with some more information on the Galaxy Z Fold 3, S21 FE, and the Flip 3.

We are going to be keeping a close eye on Samsung news over the next few months and updating this page accordingly.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Pre Order – When Can You Pre Order The S22?

As the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is going to be a flagship successor, we assume they won’t want such a large gap between the current model. This means pre orders could begin as early as December, however, early January is the probable pre order date if the launch happens later that month.

We expect similar prices to the S21 model, possibly starting around $800 for the base S22 and over $1,100 for the S22 Ultra but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Rumored Specifications

The phone isn’t even officially announced yet, however, that hasn’t stopped several leaks/rumors going around about the display, camera, battery, and features.

We could see slightly adjusted screen sizes for the S22 over the S21 but again this is just a rumor.

  • Samsung Galaxy S22 – 6.06-inch
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus – 6.55-inch
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra – 6.81-inch

If this was to be correct, it would mean that the base model and the  Plus will have smaller screen sizes than their predecessors and the Ultra will be receiving slightly more.

Our image at the top of the page was from the Technizo Concept, a beautiful concept design that has really got Samsung fans eager to see the S22 Ultra announced.

We have heard the camera, rumored to be 50mp, could be unveiled this month may feature as the S22’s main sensor, with a 12mp ultra-wide, and 12mp telephoto supporting.

A leak suggests the battery in the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra could be 5,000mAh.