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Darktide Closed Beta Release Date, Start Time Prediction, and Details

Updated: Sep 21, 2022 3:11 pm
Darktide Closed Beta Release Date, Start Time Prediction, and Details

Fatshark has finally officially announced the Darktid closed beta date to give us our first look at the game.

Darktide is the latest entry in a series of Left 4 Dead-like action titles Fatshark has made set in the Warhammer Fantasy universe.

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This latest title is the first to take the games into space, and the future, by being set in the Warhammer 40K universe instead.

Let’s take a look at the Darktide closed beta.

Darktide Closed Beta Release Date

Fatshark revealed the dates for the Darktide closed beta in a tweet on the game’s official Twitter account. We’ve learned that the beta will take place between 14 – 16 October 2022.

The test will be taking place on PC via Steam and the Microsoft store, so if you’re a PC gamer who is interested in the title make sure to visit the website as soon as you can.

Darktide Closed Beta Sign Up

If you want to take part in the Darktide closed beta then you’ll need to sign up first. Of course, the process for doing so will change depending on if you’ve taken part in the network test last month.

To sign up, head for the game’s official website where you’ll find a sign up sheet. Scroll down to the bottom of the sign up page, then enter your email in the bar provided. You should receive a link in your emails to a form you’ll need to fill out to be eligible for the beta.

If you already took part in the previous network test for Darktide, then you won’t need to sign up again. You can take part in the beta test when it rolls around in October with no further effort on your part.

Darktide Closed Beta Start Time Prediction

Fatshark hasn’t released a Darktide closed beta start time just yet, but we can make a few educated guesses.

For Vermintide 2, the beta launched at around 9 AM PT/ 12 PM ET/6 PM BST. There’s a strong chance that a similar timeframe will be used for the Darktide beta.

Another option is that the beta could start at different times in each timezone. Many games have a beta release that starts at 12pm local time globally. That said, with Fatshark being a small-ish company, the chances are that they won’t be going this route.

Darktide Closed Beta Details

We don’t have any official information about what will be included in the Darktide Closed beta. One thing’s for sure, it’s going to be a verticle slice of the game’s mechanics, levels, and characters if Fatshark has done its job well.

If we look to the Vermintide 2 beta for information, then we can make a guess that the beta will feature a single map and a single class for each of the different playable characters.

It would make sense for Fatshark to go this route since it’s an excellent way of showing off a decent variety without revealing too much of your map design before launch.

Darktide Closed Beta FAQs

When is the Darktide Closed Beta taking place?

Fatshark announced the Darktide Closed Beta will be starting on 14 October. It’ll be running until 16 October 2022.

How do I sign up for the Darktide closed beta?

You’ll need to check out the official website and enter your email. Then, follow the link in your emails and fill out the form with some of your platform information.

If you were already part of the Network Test, then you won’t need to sign up again.

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