Ghostwire Tokyo Release Date — When is Ghostwire Tokyo coming to PS5? Is it coming to Xbox?

Everything you need to know about the Ghostwire Tokyo release date.

ghostwire tokyo release date

Ghostwire Tokyo is the new video game from Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil, The Evil Within) and Microsoft-owned Japanese studio Tango GameWorks. It is a first person action-horror adventure game that involves using supernatural abilities to defeat the paranormal entities that now dwell in an abandoned Tokyo.

Ghostwire Tokyo PS5 Release Date

While Ghostwire Tokyo’s PS5 release date is still unconfirmed, it has been given a confirmed launch window of Spring 2022.

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Ghostwire Tokyo PC Release Date

Ghostwire Tokyo will arrive on PC the same day it arrives on PlayStation 5, just like Deathloop.

Ghostwire Tokyo Gameplay Trailer

Ghostwire Tokyo Xbox Release Date

We’re not sure what the Ghostwire Tokyo Xbox release date will be, although we have no doubt that it is on the way eventually. We’re sure they’d have launched it on both Xbox and PlayStation at the same time if they could’ve, much like Minecraft Dungeons and Psychonauts 2, but the Shinji Mikami game is currently subject to an exclusivity deal with Sony and PlayStation Studios.

Previous timed-exclusivity deals have lasted between six months and two years, depending on the game software and which company publishes it. Sometimes deals can also be extended after launch. When Final Fantasy VII Remake got a next-gen upgrade to Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, it is likely that the game’s exclusivity period was extended from one year to two, for example. Final Fantasy VII Remake was recently spotted for PC in the recent NVIDIA GeForce leak document and may have been ready for a while.

We don’t see Xbox agreeing to a deal extension like that, however, as they’ll want to leverage content from their new first party studios on the Xbox Series X/S as soon as possible. Assuming that the exclusivity agreement was for 12 months, it should be a multi-platform release in no longer than a year.

ghostwire tokyo release date

Will Ghostwire Tokyo be on Xbox Game Pass?

While we know that Ghostwire Tokyo is owned by Microsoft and all first party software by Microsoft owned studios comes to Xbox Game Pass as close to its original launch date as possible, we’re unsure how long it will be before the action-horror game releases on Xbox Game Pass. This is due to the “exclusivity and co-marketing agreement” that was established for Ghostwire Tokyo and Deathloop before Microsoft completed its purchase of Bethesda Softworks in March 2021.

Sony’s “exclusivity and co-marketing agreement” has a section on “Subscription Services”. Section 1.9.1 of the leaked marketing agreement for “Resident Evil: Village” said that the game couldn’t be put on a competitor to a “PS Subscription Service” for at least a year. Current competitors to PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now include Google Stadia, Amazon Luna, Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass.

The “exclusivity and co-marketing agreement” also stated that before going to competitors, Capcom had to give PlayStation a chance to offer a PlayStation Plus or PlayStation Now deal first. We’re unsure how those negotiations will play out, but hopefully it’s not too long before gamers that are also Xbox Game Pass subscribers can play the highly anticipated title at no extra cost.