New World Release Date, Gameplay, Preorder

Here is what you need to know on New World's release date, pre orders, and gameplay

New World Release Date
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New World is on its final hurdle. The New World Open Beta is now live, with the beta being the final testing point for the New World release date on September 28.

New World Release Date

New World has been through an absolute roller coaster of different release dates. New World was originally a hardcore PvP survival MMO, aiming to be even more hardcore than Rust. However, in December 2019, Amazon Games revealed the game was getting a new narrative spin, with a story focusing on the island of Aeternum having corruption, mystical beasts and other human faction elements.

Since the proposed switch to an actual MMORPG, New World’s release date has repeatedly changed. The game was originally set to release all the way back in May 2020. However, the game got delayed into the summer of 2020, which was then elated again till August 31, 2021.

However, the very recent New World Closed Beta found that the game was not ready for that release. Amazon Games surprisingly pushed the game back to its current New World release date of September 28. Luckily for us, we got a New World Open Beta to give us an opportunity to test the game once again before launch. Whether this open beta provides enough data to warrant another delay remains to be seen. If they do change the release date again, we will update the article.

New World Gameplay

New World has gone through quite the cinematic experience since the game switched to an MMORPG. We have managed to play the game ourselves, writing guides about the various weapons in the game, along with factions and other content. However, if you want to see the game in action, you can check out the most recent New World gameplay trailer here.

New World Preorder Bonus

If you’re interested in getting your hands on a new world preorder, you can head over to either Steam or to Amazon itself. The game is valued at £34.99, $39.99, €39.99, or equivalent currency conversion. If you do grab yourself a New World preorder, you will earn yourself the following bonus items:

  • Isabella’s Amulet – Gain constitution and deal additional damage against certain supernatural enemies.
  • Unique Title – Expedition One
  • Emote –  Fist Bump Emote
  • Guild Crest – Axe, Musket, Armor Guild Crest iconography

New World Delux Edition

If you would rather grab the New World Deluxe Edition, it costs £43.99,  €49.99, $49.99 or a respective currency conversion. The New World Delux Edition also comes with:

  • The Woodsmen armor and Hatchet skins.
  • Mastiff house pet – Place a Mastiff dog inside your home as part of your house’s decoration.
  • Emote – Rock Paper Scissors.
  • Digital Art Book.