AMD 3000G: Release Date & Where To Buy?

AMD 3000G release date where to buy

26th November 2019 Update: Added Novatech in the UK, probably the cheapest place to purchase the 3000G right now.

21st November 2019 Update: We’ve added Overclockers and Scan retailer links.

20th November 2019 Update: We’ve just found the Amazon product pages for the AMD 3000G in the UK, see below for more information.

12th November 2019 Update: We’ve just found the Amazon product pages for the AMD Athlon 3000G in Germany, France, Spain, and Italy along with the 3950X which you can find on our release date page here and the 3960X and 3970x.

7th November 2019 update: AMD has today announced a release date for the Ryzen 3000G CPU, it will be released on the 19th of November 2019 whilst the 3950X 3rd gen CPU & the 3960X & 3970X Threadrippers will launch on the 25th November 2019.

When Will The 3000G Be Released?

A new AMD processor is on the horizon and will cost just $49! The AMD Athlon 3000G is set to be launched on the 19th of November, to bring budget builders an alternative option. This processor will feature two cores and four threads, with a clock speed of 3.5GHz. While we don’t know the boosted clock speed just yet, we do know that this processor will be fully unlocked with overclocking support from AMD. The chip will also feature integrated graphics in the form of Radeon Vega 3.

AMD Athlon 3000G specifications

Where Can I Purchase The 3000G?

As we did with the previous Ryzen 3rd gen launch, we will be adding all the retailer links for each country worldwide below and updating these as and when the pages become available.

AMD Ryzen 3000G Launch: USA

The following is our search link we are using to find the AMD Ryzen 3000G in Amazon US retailer:

AMD Ryzen 3000G Launch: Canada

AMD Ryzen 3000G Launch: United Kingdom

AMD Ryzen 3000G Launch: Europe

AMD Ryzen 3000G Launch: Australia

  • MWave

AMD Ryzen 3000G Launch: Rest of the world

  • Turkish retailer
  • Mumbai retailer
  • Pakistan retailer
  • Bangladesh retailer
  • Vietnam retailer

If anyone wants to request other countries for us to research and add retailer links for, please let us know in the comment section below.