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RTX 4070 laptop release date announced at CES 2023

The first of the RTX 4070 laptop series revealed at CES 2023

Updated: Jan 3, 2023 6:07 pm
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The first RTX 4070 laptop reveal at CES 2023 took place today, along with the announcement of an RTX 4070 laptop release date!

During the Nvidia CES 2023 presentation, we were treated to the first glimpse of a Nvidia 40-series laptop by way of the ASUS ZenBook Pro 14, which is primarily a laptop designed for creatives. This can apparently be equipped with an RTX 4070 laptop GPU aka an RTX 4070 Max-Q graphics card.

CES 2023 RTX 4070 laptop performance claims

CES 2023 RTX 4070 laptop release date RTX 4070 laptop price RTX 4070 laptop performance RTX 4070 Max Q

Although specific information on the RTX 4070 laptop performance wasn’t exactly mentioned, with the uplift and improvements being more generally discussed in the context of the RTX 4070, RTX 4060, and RTX 4050, we can assume that some of the data refers to the RTX 4070 Max-Q, as it is the most powerful of the three graphics cards.

RTX 4070 laptop vs RTX 3080 laptop

It seems that we can expect at least as much FPS performance in-game from an RTX 4070 laptop as we can from an RTX 3080 laptop. ‘Faster than our last generation flagship laptop’ was the exact phrasing used, and apparently, it will be at ⅓ the power consumption. We’ll have to see if real-world testing backs up these claims.

80 FPS at 1440p Ultra?

It was a bit unclear from the presentation whether the Ultra here refers to Ultra settings or this is an Nvidia designation for a different type of 1440p resolution. We’d normally lean towards the former but FPS performance varies wildly in different games on Ultra settings, depending on how demanding they are, so this didn’t appear to make much clear sense. Regardless, an average 80 Frames Per Second at 1440p on Ultra settings on the latest AAA titles would be impressive. Time will tell if this is realistic.

2.5 hour render in 10 minutes

This refers to the render time in a specific creative/workstation programe: Blender. If this performance uplift is an accurate representation, then the 40-series could be a game changer for creatives.

What is the RTX 4070 laptop release date?

The RTX 4070 laptop release date was announced alongside that of RTX 4060 laptops and the RTX 4050 laptops. The first laptop models containing all of these GPUs will apparently be available to buy on February 22nd, 2023, though we can expect to see different models with this GPU be released throughout H2 2023 at least.

What is the RTX 4070 laptop price?

The only price given in the Nvidia presentation was the starting price of $999, but this includes the cheapest RTX 4050 laptops.

Our estimate is that the cheapest RTX 4070 laptops will be available for a minimum of $1,600, with the higher TGP models, or those with additional expensive components (e.g. a high resolution / high refresh rate display, powerful CPU, large amount of RAM and SSD storage etc.) costing considerably more.

CES 2023 RTX 4070 laptop release date reveal : Final Word

We hope this RTX 4070 laptop release date reveal at CES 2023 has got you excited as it has us. We’ll be covering all of the CES 2023 news on all the 40 series laptops, and updating this page with additional information as it comes out over the next few days, including on the latest ASUS, Acer, Lenovo laptop reveals, and more!

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