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Cult Of The Lamb Release Date – Lead The Sheep!

Be a lamb now won't you

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Lead the sheep, sacrifice yourself? What? Cult Of The Lamb by Devolver Digital is a dark yet delightfully cute animated RPG where you run a cult in a world filled with dark magic. In this title, you will become a possessed lamb and you must repay the debt of a stranger who saved your life. This indie game caught a few yees with its reveal trailer at Gamescon, leading many to ask – What is the Cult Of The Lamb release date?

Cult Of The Lamb Release Date

All we know so far is that Cult Of The Lamb is set to be released on Steam in 2022. There is going to be more gameplay coming out soon, meaning you aren’t going to have to wait that long to get a peek at what the game is all about.

Build your flock – Collect resources to build new structures, perform some satanic rituals, and appease the gods. The goal is to reinforce your flock.

Destroy the non-believers – No this isn’t something out of the Holy Grail, you need to explore and fight off the hoards of enemies while also defeating rival cults, absorbing their power, and becoming the dominant force.


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