Cyberpunk 2077 News Roundup – One Week In

We Take a Look At The Latest News on Cyberpunk 2077 and Updates from CD Projekt Red

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Upcoming Patches for Cyberpunk 2077

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Besides the launch day update we have already seen fixes for Cyberpunk 2077 coming on December 10th and 11th which got rid of some of the smaller bugs, but there are many more to go! CD Projekt Red has announced that major patches for the game will be released first in January 2021 and then February 2021, with smaller updates before then. Details on what these patches will contain is currently sparse and it remains to be seen how long it will take (if ever) for some of the big issues of the game to be ironed out.

The current rough timeline for the updates is as follow:

December 20th (or earlier): update.
Late December/ Early January: expect several smaller updates over this period.
January: the first major patch.
February: the second major patch – by this point it is hoped previous gen console performance will be considerably improved.
Later in 2021: Next gen console updates for PlayStation and Xbox.

Refunds for Previous Gen Consoles

In a conference call with investors that took place on December 14th, CD Projekt Red acknowledged the issues with the game that had been experienced by PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners, who rightly have felt short-changed by the experience, with numerous bugs (more than those on Next-gen machines and PC), poor textures and graphics in general. The publisher stated that the previous gen version of the game was rushed to be ready in time for release, and though they hoped owners of the game on these platforms would hold on until patches come around to fix some of these issues, they did state that through the refund policies of Sony and Microsoft, gamers should be able to get a refund should they wish, though it was unclear as to whether Sony or Microsoft had actually agreed to this.

Initially many consumers were refused refunds from the PlayStation Store, being told that if they have downloaded and played the game then their refund is invalid. As of December 18th however, Sony have released a statement making a general commitment to refunding the game, although they do caveat this by saying “completion of the refund may vary based on your payment method and financial institution.” Sony have even gone so far as to remove the game from their digital storefronts, another blow for the disastrous game launch, so you literally cannot publish the digital PS4 version of the game.

Up until now, Microsoft haven’t exactly guaranteed refunds for Xbox Live users, stating: “We provide Digital Game Product refunds as part of a consistent and reliable buying experience. For more details on our digital game purchase refund terms, please visit our Xbox support page here. To request an Xbox refund, please follow the steps listed on our Xbox refund page here. For any further questions on “Cyberpunk 2077,” please reach out to CD Projekt Red.” Nevertheless, it seems likely that following the unprecedented decision by Sony to remove the game from the PlayStation store, Microsoft will have no option but to follow suit unless they want to face significant backlash from consumers and the wider industry.

If you have bought a physical copy of the game, CD Projekt Red suggested contacting the store you purchased the game from in the first instance and requesting a refund. If you are refused, you can contact CD Projekt Red at [email protected] , though they don’t specify their exact refund policy.

Disappearing Crowds and Cars - Bug or Necessary Feature?

One of the issues people have pointed to with Cyberpunk 2077 is the tendency for crowds and traffic to disappear if you look away for long enough, particularly it seems on the console versions of the game (even on Next Gen machines) where the assumption is the lower amounts of Video Memory mean the game is unable to maintain their existence for as long. It was hoped that this is a bug which may be resolved in a future patch, however it may also be an indication of wider problems with the game – namely as a way of coping with another of Cyberpunk 2077’s big problems – its unreactive crowds.

Unlike in GTA V say where a parked car blocking the road will lead to AI drivers (eventually at least) attempting to drive around the vehicle, AI drivers in Cyberpunk 2077 will apparently just stay unmoving indefinitely behind it. Similarly crowds of pedestrians that become scared and run away when the shooting starts won’t (often at least) change their behaviour past this point, potentially leading them to run on perpetually. It’s been posited that the disappearing traffic and crowds may be the game’s built in way of getting around this issue so it does not render the game unplayable. This begs the question, can disappearing cars and crowds be removed completely? Furthermore, are we ever likely to see an improvement to the AI meaning this will not be necessary?

Too Many Sex Toys

If you’ve played Cyberpunk for any length of time you will have undoubtedly noticed an abundance of phallic devices strewn around the world of Night City, which can be collected and in one case even used as a weapon (more powerful even than a sword!). Senior quest designer Philipp Weber has said that the original intention was to give the futuristic Night City an impression of being much more sexually open “something by today’s standards that might be taboo or kinky is very normal and commonplace by 2077 standards”. Nevertheless it has been acknowledged by CD Projekt Red that the loot generation tables which govern the distribution of items in Night City and its environs may be slightly overdoing it, and have said they intend to wind this down a bit in a future patch.

Helping Steam To Break Records

Cyberpunk 2077 reached over a million active players on Steam in the few days since its release (this obviously doesn’t include users on other platforms like GOG) which helped Steam reach a new target of 24.8 million active users on the morning of December 13th. Read more about this here.

Mod Support For Cyberpunk 2077

Despite only being one week from release, eager modders have already come up with various tweaks and changes to the game, ranging from simple reshaders and graphical improvements to control modifications. We can expect to see many more mods of increasing ambition being released over the months to come. Keep an eye on this page to see our picks of the best mods available for Cyberpunk 2077.