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Dead By Daylight Pinhead Release Date

We Look At The Pinhead Release Date For Dead By Daylight Chapter 21, And The Pinhead Perks You'll Be Able To Use

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The Dead By Daylight Pinhead release date has been revealed.

The iconic head cenobite from the Hellraiser series of horror films has arrived to spread sweet agony to the survivor players in Dead By Daylight, bringing the total of playable killers in the game to 25. We know that many a sick individual cannot wait to indulge their sadistic side as they utilize Pinhead’s unique abilities in the game.

Pinhead comes as part of Dead by Daylight Chapter 21. Read below to find out when you’ll be able to play as Pinhead in Dead By Daylight, and what abilities he’ll have at his disposal.

Pinhead Release Date & Dead By Daylight Chapter 21 Player Test Build

The official Dead By Daylight Pinhead release date has been given as some time in September 2021, which is when Dead by Daylight Chapter 21 will be fully available. Though we do not have a specific date yet, recent leaks seem to indicate September 7th.

Eager players on the PC however, who have the game on Steam, can get early access to pinhead through the Dead by Daylight Player Test Build for Chapter 21, which begins on August 17, 2021 at 8AM PT / 11AM ET / 4PM BST.

Read here to find out how to access the Player Test Build for Dead By Daylight.

Dead By Daylight Pinhead Perks

Below is a list of the abilities and perks of Pinhead in Dead By Daylight, which you have at your disposal when playing as the twisted cenobite.

Unique, Teachable Perk: Deadlock

“You induce a mental suffering by crushing any hope of escape.”
Once a generator has been repaired by the players, ‘The Entity’ blocks the generator with the most progress for 20 seconds.
A white aura is visible around the generator during this period.

Scourge Hook Perk: Gift of Pain

“You are the bringer of sweet pain.”
At the beginning of the round up to a maximum of 4 random hooks (though less is possible) become changed into scourge hooks.
The scourge hook auras are visible in white.
Any Survivor unhooked from a scourge hook suffers from the ‘Hemorrhage and Mangled’ status until they are fully healed. When a Survivor is first healed, they have a 7% penalty to repairing and healing actions until they are next injured.

Hex Perk: Plaything

“A hex that toys with a victim’s suffering.”
When you first hook a particular Survivor, they become Cursed. The survivor then suffers from the Oblivious status until the hex is cleansed.
Hex: Plaything activates on a Dull Totem. The totem aura is revealed to the Cursed Survivor within a range of 24 meters.
For 90 seconds, the only person who can cleanse the totem is the cursed Survivor themselves.

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