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Dead Space Remake Release Date Revealed, Gameplay Later This Year

Updated: Oct 7, 2022 10:15 am
Dead Space Remake Release Date Revealed, Gameplay Later This Year

EA has gave the Dead Space remake an official release date, along with promises of future gameplay and a ton of fresh concept art to keep fans of the series occupied in the long wait until then.

Dead Space Remake Release Date Revealed in Livestream

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The Dead Space remake had an art developer livestream earlier today that showed off numerous pieces of concept art and spoke in further detail about the game itself. The concept art shown off was repeatedly stressed to not be indicative of the final product but a representation of what the developers hope to achieve by remaking the classic game.

Indeed, the developers outlined three separate factors that they adhered strictly to in making the game as horrifying as it can possibly be.

  • Horror atmosphere and storytelling.
  • Immersive gameplay and world.
  • A world that feels lived-in and feels like it has a history hidden behind it.

The Dead Space remake was first announced back in July 2021 as a remake of the original game from 2008. Since the original developer of the game, Visceral Games, was shuttered by EA back in 2017, EA Motive will be handling development of the game. Motive is a studio you may already know if you’re a Star Wars fan as they worked on the Space Flight game Star Wars: Squadrons. They’ve promised to stick as close as possible to the original game while still making various mechanics, characters, and story elements feel as fresh as they possibly can.

They’ve stated that they’ve looking to keep both the feel and the look of the original game while advancing it with next-generation technology and the new possibilities that it brings to the table.

Dead Space Remake New Concept Art


In the hour and a half long Art Developer livestream, EA Motive spoke about how they’re looking at a release date of January 27th 2023, and that they’re planning for a full reveal of gameplay within the next quarter of the year, specifically that of Halloween this year. This means that the horror franchise will likely be skipping out on Summer Game Fest this year, and EA has confirmed already that it isn’t hosting an EA Play Live event either around that time.

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