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DJI Mini 4 release date speculation: What we want to see for DJI’s next drone

The DJI Mini 4 hasn't been announced yet. But this is what we want to see.

Updated: Jan 30, 2023 4:31 pm
DJI Mini 4

Yes, we are already hearing some rumblings about the DJI Mini 4 release date, despite the DJI Mini 3 Pro releasing relatively recently in May of 2022. So, we thought we’d take a look at what we can find out about the DJI Mini 4 release date.

In addition to mostly unfounded rumors, we’ve seen a large number of people on forums and in YouTube comment sections talking about the features they’d like to see implemented in the eventual DJI Mini 4.

It’s mostly a mix of nice-to-haves and features they thought were missing from the DJI Mini 3 Pro. So, we thought we’d think about what we want to see in the DJI Mini 4.

DJI Mini 4 features: What we’d like to see

Of course, it’s tricky to speculate with any degree of accuracy, as companies like DJI tend to keep their R&D processes super secret, but we can talk about things that would make the eventual DJI Mini 4 a more compelling and feature-complete device.

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5G connectivity

5G connectivity is one of the more oft-requested features, with one user (Skyryder) on the MavicPilots forum wishing for “both midband and millimeter wave”.

We agree as this would provide a massive boost in range for both controlling the drone, and receiving real-time video too. Additionally, it would result in less latency and lower chances of interference, both of which are vital for piloting success

Increased flight time

With flight time limits largely governed by the weight of the drone, it’s a very tricky task to increase the flight time without also increasing the weight. the problem here is legality, as usual.

So, the current DJI Mini 3 Pro weighs less than 249g stock, which means that you don’t have to register it as an aerial vehicle, making the whole process of buying and using the drone far easier.

Therefore, if DJI is planning on increasing flight time for the DJI Mini 4, they won’t be able to do it by slapping a larger battery on it and calling it a day. However, battery density is increasing all the time, so depending on how far out the DJI Mini 4 release date is, we might get to see a big increase in flight time, without tipping the scales too much.

Remember that one of the main selling points of the DJI Mini 3 Pro is that you don’t need to register it. If that isn’t the case for the DJI Mini 4, then we’re not sure where it could stand (or hover) in DJI’s lineup.

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DJI Mini 4 release date prediction

It goes without saying, that we are very far away from the DJI 4 Mini release date, however, it might arrive come September as we saw from the DJI Avata, which would make sense given DJI’s yearly schedule.

DJI Mini 4 FAQs

Will there be a DJI Mini 4?

Almost certainly. Given the success of the DJI Mini 3 Pro, we can’t imagine that DJI won’t follow it up at some point.

When will the DJI 4 Mini be released?

We don’t know yet. Our current guess is the beginning of Q4 2023.

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