Don’t Hold Out For An Elder Scrolls VI Release Any Time Soon

In a massive bit of bad news for Elder Scrolls fans across the world, Bethesda’s Pete Hines has confirmed that although The Elder Scrolls VI is in development, it won’t be released any time soon.

The Elder Scrolls VI Announcement

The Elder Scrolls VI was initially announced back in 2018 with a short 35-second clip showing a vast landscape. However, it begs the question of why Bethesda bothered with a teaser for a game that was years away from a release at best.

Now, from watching the announcement trailer, it was clear that The Elder Scrolls VI was either very early in development or not at all, but this is still disappointing news for those who have been waiting eagerly.

It was confirmed back in 2018 that this announcement served as more of a reminder that single-player games haven’t been abandoned rather than a project we’ll shortly see.

What Do We Know About the Elder Scrolls VI?

With the sad news that E3 has been canceled for 2020, many fans were expecting some news during that event. However, it’s very likely that we won’t hear any details about The Elder Scrolls VI for some time now.

Regarding the potential release date, Pete Hines went on to say: “It’s after Starfield, which you pretty much know nothing about. So if you’re coming at me for details now and not years from now, I’m failing to properly manage your expectations.”

When it comes to Starfield, we don’t know too much about it and it still hasn’t received an official release date, although it has been announced that it will release on the PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X.

We can’t see Bethesda dropping two big titles at once, especially with the current global climate being the way it is – the likelihood is that Elder Scrolls fans are in for the long haul.

If we hear any more news on Starfield of The Elder Scrolls franchise we’ll be sure to let you know. Be sure to keep checking back for all the latest news.