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Insurgency Sandstorm Xbox One & PS4 Release Date & Beta

We Discuss The Insurgency Sandstorm Xbox One & PS4 Release Date And The Insurgency Sandstorm Console Beta

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The Insurgency Sandstorm Xbox One and Ps4 release date have been confirmed. After years of delays, the hardcore tactical shooter will be soon arriving on the previous-gen consoles, having been available on PC and next-gen for some time now.

Read below to find out when you will be able to buy and play the full release of Insurgency Sandstorm for Xbox One and PS4, and also how to sign up to the Insurgency Sandstorm console beta to get a chance to play it early.

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US gamers can pre-order Insurgency Sandstorm at GameStop now.

UK gamers can also pre-order Insurgency Sandstorm at GAME now.

Insurgency Sandstorm release date PS4 Xbox One

Insurgency Sandstorm PS4 & Xbox One Release Date

The official full release date for Insurgency Sandstorm for Xbox One and PS4 is September 29, 2021.

For a chance to play the game early though, you can pre-order the game to get access to the Insurgency Sandstorm console beta (see below)

Insurgency Sandstorm Pre Order Bonus & Insurgency Sandstorm Beta

If you pre-order Insurgency Sandstorm at a retailer such as GameStop or GAME you get the following pre-order bonuses:

  • Peacemaker skin pack (Security): “The Peacemaker skin pack unlocks a unique look for your Security soldier, complete with new M4A1, riot helmet with face mask, as well as unique chest piece, gloves, and boots.”
  • Warlord Gear Set (Insurgents): “The Warlord skin pack unlocks a unique look for your Insurgent soldier, complete with gold-plated AKM, face-paint, cross-chest ammo packs, gloves, and cargo pants.”
  • Pre-ordering Insurgency Sandstorm for PS4 or Xbox One gives you a chance to play the game early as part of the closed beta. Alternatively, you could try your look at signing up on the Insurgency Sandstorm closed beta page for a chance to be invited.

What Is Insurgency Sandstorm?

Insurgency Sandstorm is a hardcore tactical multiplayer shooter, that also features a co-operative mode against AI. Both are great experiences, and here at WePC we consider the game to be one of the under appreciated gems of the last few years.

The Combat

The game has some of the most brutal combat of any First-Person Shooter currently on the market, thanks to its vast array of realistic weapons and damage modeling (higher calibers make heads explode!) and superbly explosive sound design. The array of weapons and loadouts for each class is hugely customizable, and offers massive room for experimentation.

The Teams

The game is somewhat asymmetric in nature – with one team playing as the Insurgents, the other the Security forces, both having different weapons and support that the commander class and observer (i.e. radioman) can call in: including drone bombs and poison gas for the Insurgents and chopper support for the Security forces.

The Game modes

Various game modes are available, including the classic ‘Push’ where one team must defend a series of objectives whilst the attacking team attempts to take them, the more competitive geared ‘Firefight’ mode where both teams fight over three objectives, team members only respawning if an objective is captured, and the more instant respawn Deathmatch-esque ‘Domination’ mode. Co-op mode also features various unique game modes where you and your compadres must fight off waves of enemy AI, including the zombie-like ‘Frenzy’ mode.

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