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Microsoft Flight Simulator Confirmed for Steam Release

Microsoft recently announced that their upcoming Flight Simulator is finally confirmed for Steam release.

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With the upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator due to launch in just a few short weeks, people have been wondering whether it’ll ever come to Steam. But some good news was just announced.

In a recent announcement, Microsoft confirmed that Flight Simulator will be coming to Steam on the same release date – August 18th.

Microsoft Flight Simulator was initially announced on PC via Xbox Game Pass so the news that it will be available on Steam is welcome to fans of simulator titles who prefer Steam.

From today, you will be able to preorder on Steam and choose between the Standard, Deluxe, and Premium Deluxe Editions. Each edition offers a wide variety of different aircraft to master and ultra-realistic airports to take off from.

In the recent Microsoft announcement, TrackIR and VR support were also confirmed. TrackIR is the head-tracking solution that will deliver a full six degree of freedom camera control for a more immersive experience.

“Two of the most requested features we’ve been hearing about from the Community are TrackIR and VR support. Today we are excited to announce that Microsoft Flight Simulator will have TrackIR support available on day one, and VR support will be available later this year in time for the launch of the HP Reverb G2!”

Microsoft Flight Simulator will be compatible (later this year) with the upcoming Reverb G2 VR headset from Microsoft and Valve. This headset will feature a great high-resolution display, immersive audio, and excellent tracking so that players can take full advantage of the impressive visuals of Flight Simulator in the virtual reality world.

If you’ve always wanted a VR headset, now could be the perfect time to invest. The HP Reverb G2 headset is available for pre-order now with delivery starting in September.

Microsoft has also promised to continue working with partners such as Logitech G, Thrustmaster, Virtual Fly, and Aeronautical to help improve the simulator experience.

In their blog, Microsoft mentioned they were “excited to support Honeycomb’s upcoming Bravo Throttle Quadrant and Thrustmaster’s new TCA Sidestick and Quadrant Airbus edition peripherals. We are also committed to supporting existing peripherals and home cockpits via an updated SimConnect.”

There’s nothing better than having a proper joystick and throttle to go along with your flight simulator for the best experience. If you’re looking to play Microsoft Flight Simulator, why not take a look at our guide for the best flight simulator setups? We cover all the different types of hardware you’ll want to get just in time for the release next month.

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