Minecraft: Dungeons Release Date, Rumors, And News

Few games over the years have managed to challenge Minecfraft’s popularity (Fortnite aside). This is hardly surprising seeing the game is available on every platform you can think of. Mojang’s Minecraft has been insanely successful with heaps of merchandise being sold, spinoffs to the legendary game being created, and over 175 million copies of Minecraft being sold worldwide.

Minecon 2018 saw the tease of an RPG dungeon crawler, but quite clearly still within the Minecraft universe. Since the announcement, not much has been heard until E3 where one of the producers gave off a few details to Minecraft: Dungeons.

So what do we know so far?

Minecraft: Dungeons Release Date

We don’t have an exact date yet for the release of Minecraft: Dungeons. However, there is a rough release date. Minecraft: Dungeons is set to release in Spring 2020, so there is still a good amount of time to wait! Dungeons will cost around $20 for those with the base game already. For those without Minecraft, you could get the base game and a season pass to download two DLC’s, which would cost around $30.

What Features Can we Expect from Minecraft: Dungeons?



Using Unreal Engine 4, Mojang is building an action-RPG into the Minecraft world. This dungeon crawler reminds us of Diablo 3 with the main points to the game being combat and grabbing swag.  With this new edition, you’ll be solving puzzles, getting better gear for your character, and getting involved in some combat with up to three mates.

Minecraft: Dungeons – Co-op

The co-op in this game is quite interesting, with developers saying the difficulty will change by itself depending on the number of players in your game. This means you can play solo or with friends and the game will automatically adapt the difficulty. What is most interesting about the co-op aspect is the fact Minecraft: Dungeons will allow up to four players in co-op, and the game will have a drop-in/drop-out feature. This feature means you can come and go as you please during the single-player.

Minecraft: Dungeons – Your Abilities

There are no “classes” in Minecraft: Dungeons, and your character’s build is determined by the gear you possess. Your powers and abilities are tied to the gear, as well as enchantments.

You can change your characters build on the fly, meaning you can swap out different items depending on your current situation.

Minecraft: Dungeons – Will There Be Crafting?

Now, it would seem your traditional Minecraft gameplay has been removed from this, that’s right no mining or crafting. This change is being implemented to give Minecraft: Dungeons a more fast-paced feel. Similarly to the base game, you will be able to augment gear in exciting ways, giving players a bit more flexibility with loadouts.

Enchantments can give certain items special “abilities,” and although it’s not crafting, it works in a similar way. If you pick an enchantment for a weapon and use it, a new weapon should drop that looks and feels the same, but it will have specific powers attached, which may help you in certain situations.

What Mobs Will You Fight In Minecraft: Dungeons

Your foes are mostly the guards from the base game, but this mod throws in a few extra evil adversaries. You’ll be up against creepers, spider, skeletons, necromancers, and zombies. There will be a lot of loot traveling around in the form of piggybank mobs too, so watch out for those!

We know levels will be spiked with mini-bosses to test your might. We are not entirely sure what they will look like, but you can be sure they will be harder to defeat.



It is good to see Mojang develop something this interesting, and we are eager to hear more about Minecraft: Dungeons over the coming months. This is all we know so far about the blockbusters upcoming expansion, but as soon as we find out more, we will be sharing!