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Selfloss Release Date, Trailer

Selfloss sails onto major platforms later this year.

Updated: Jan 26, 2022 4:12 pm
Selfloss Release Date, Trailer

Being able to explore cultures that are foreign to us is one of the greatest things that video games allow us to do. So, it’s great to hear that a game like Selfloss is coming along to allow us to explore a little bit of Slavic and Icelandic folklore.

The game is going to be out before too much longer, so we’ve decided to put together some of the relevant info on the game for your viewing pleasure.

Selfloss Release Date

Selfloss first made an appearance on Steam in December of 2020 with a demo showing off some of the adventure gameplay that the developer had been working on.

selfloss screenshos

Since then, the devs have managed to pin down a vague release window. Right now, the game is intended for a Q2 2022 release date, but as that time draws nearer, we’re hoping to get something a little more specific than an entire quarter.

Selfloss Trailer

The main gameplay of Selfloss revolves around exploration. You can travel the world both on foot and in a boat, with a sizable chunk of the game world being covered with water. As you journey around the world, you’ll also have to do battle with mythical creatures using your magical staff.

The devs have also claimed that you’ll control the main character himself, and his magical staff, simultaneously and independently. Exactly how that’ll work isn’t really clear from the trailers, but it at least sounds like an interesting concept. The staff in question apparently floats around the main character dispensing spells.

Check out the gameplay trailer below if you want to get a feeling for the game yourself. It shows off some of the interesting world design, as well as some of the explorative and combat gameplay.

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