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Valve update the Steam Deck release date, orders shipping from February

The Steam Deck release date is confirmed for February 25.

Updated: Jan 26, 2022 6:32 pm
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Valve has announced the new Steam Deck release date. After the initial delay Valve made in 2021, it seems the first round of shipping should begin on February 25. By the 28, the first round of Steam Deck deliveries will ship, meaning that those who reserved their Steam Deck will more than likely not get their order until March 2022.

Moreso, we now know the date for the Steam Deck review embargo, which comes to an end on February 25. It means that the press outlets who already have a Steam Deck can publish content. Moreso, Valve is going to send other press outlets a version of the Steam Deck so they can create content ahead of the Steam Deck release date.

When the Steam Deck release date reservations go live, you will have to order the version of the steam deck you originally made a reservation for. Changing your reservation means needing to cancel your current one and going to the back of the line. The purpose of the Steam Deck reservation was so that Valve could get an idea of how many people wanted one, along with which versions.

How to order your Steam Deck reservation

Those who get their hands on one of the early reservation emails will find that they can order their Steam Deck on time for its release date. Valve will send the first wave of reservation emails to customers, in which they will have three days to respond to the reservation. If they fail, the reservation will move to the next person in line so they can order it. The reservation emails will go live around 10:00 PT on February 25, which means ET residents will see the emails arrive 15:00, with the UK at 20:00 and EU Central times at 21:00 on the same day. Other regions are expected to get the Steam deck reservation shipping at a later unspecified date. This is according to the official Steam Deck website (see bottom of the page we have linked to).

Remembwr, the reservations are getting emailed in waves. You can get a rough idea on when to expect your Steam Deck reservation email by checking your reservation on the Steam Store.

If you’re interested in reading up on more of the Steam Deck release date and reservation details, you can check out the official steam announcement page

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